Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MY YNAIJA 30 DAYS, 30 VOICES ARTICLE ; 7mm of Silver

I Stood still in the elevator as my big brown eyes watched his emotions evoke heavily from his excitedly aged balls of sight, he stared at her as she swayed into the elevator in her next to nothing loose fitting chiffon shirt and her skinny minis; tight as the walkway of a busy train station, she said good morning and smiled at him, like she already knew were he was going, he smiled back at her like he had gotten the much desired green light he required, he said hi and her hello came out like the sentimental scent of a Chanel no. 5, she knew what he wanted and she wanted it to, he asked for her number and as he raised his hand to give her the phone to type it in, BINGO! There it was, that supposedly silver 7mm contractually binding restrictive band, that band that in my very hopeful mind would stop this soon to be conversation from happening but guess what? … IT DIDN’T! She typed it in like her life depended on it and even gave a celebratory smile as she left the elevator, a sign of victory I say, which he generously responded to with a soft wink as he watched her well sculpted backside roll out of the elevator with no respect for little me standing right beside him in that brightly lit up elevator.

For the first time in my 22 fashionable young years I questioned the institution of marriage and sorta related positively to the unengaged emotional state of “Brangelina” before they decided to bring in a ring. Why exactly do we rush into an institution we don’t really understand and mock it so openly like the ring is nothing but another fashion accessory, Is it our environment? Our country and its many forcefully imposed mandates? HELL TO THE YEAH.

From the aunties who remind the 22 year old girls as they fling their caps at graduation, to the judgmental married women who chatter into each other’s expensive cologned ears when the successful unmarried woman strolls by in her skirt suit, to the grandparents who remind their 25 year old grandsons that they want to carry their grandkids before they die, and of course to the many people who question your sanity when you suggest an atom of happiness in singledom, we are immersed in pressure to get married and reproduce on a daily basis.

I think people just need to stop for a second and think! Maybe this pressure is the reason the rate of divorce in Nigeria is increasing on a daily basis, maybe this Is the reason marital murders/abuse seem to be a monthly event in this our supposedly “happy” country, maybe it’s the reason people cheat, maybe it’s the reason the ring meant nothing to the married man in the elevator or to the single woman that found the married man so sexy, Maybe...

What do I know after all, I’m just a fashion boy with a colorful disposition.

For those who credit me enough to listen, I ask that you question yourself before jumping into jumping the broom, why exactly am I doing this, marriage is supposed to be special, joyful, and last forever, so alittle thought I would hope should be put into it. No pressure is worth losing your life over, marry when you’re ready, when your heart feels ready and love the one you choose to marry, after all it’s supposed to forever, and not a KIM Kardashian affair, make that 7mm of silver count.


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